Non-Profit & Special Needs

New England Village - MA

Acella Construction was selected as the construction manager for New England Village, which is a campus-based residential community where adults with intellectual and related developmental disabilities can lead dignified and enriching lives filled with opportunities for growth and friendship.  Acella managed the multi-phased renovations to several buildings on campus, in addition to adding several small additions to the existing facilities. The projects included new MEP systems, new kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and common areas.  New decks and exterior siding were also added.

Group 7 Design

Both Patty and I wish to commend the work of Wayne Foley, your project superintendent for the Wellfleet Preservation Hall project that Acella has recently completed. Perhaps the recently hired building maintenance manager summed it up best when he noted that he had never been on a project with such a short punchlist. As anyone in construction knows, this is the real test of a superintendent’s expertise, and Mr. Foley passed it with flying colors. This despite the fact that the project was terrifically complicated technically, involving both restoration and new work, with a variety of trades employed requiring a broad background knowledge from the project superintendent.

Further, as we all know, the human relations on this job were complicated and tense. Wayne handled this end of it with continuing good humor, while never sacrificing his own dignity or that of his firm.

Wayne deserves any reward that your company plans to make.  

- James Hadley, Architect for Wellfleet Preservation Hall