Construction Management

Upon completing or in conjunction with the pre-construction services, Acella Construction Corporation will begin the construction phase of the project. During this phase typical services that will be provided are:

Site Logistics, Safety & Work Plan

We will work with the team to define the logistical requirements for the construction process, such as areas of constraint, deliveries, traffic pattern, placement of barriers or fencing and hours of operation. We will also develop a site specific safety plan that outlines the safety issues specifically pertaining to the project. As part of our work plan we will ascertain other work rules and regulations that the building or campus may impose. At this time we will develop the quality assurance program that will be reviewed with each subcontractor and vendor. This quality assurance program will be emphasized at the weekly subcontractor meetings.


Upon review of bids, the project manager will award and write subcontracts and/or purchase orders to subcontractors or vendors. This will tie them into price, schedule, scope, safety regulations, other defined rules and regulations and a contractual commitment to perform their work in accordance with the design and to the highest standards of quality.


Acella will apply for and obtain all required permits from the authorities having jurisdiction over the project. We will also insure that all subcontractors obtain all the required permits that they are responsible for such as electrical, low voltage wiring, and plumbing. A copy of all this documentation is available to the owner and will be posted at the project site.

Project Management/ Site Supervision

Acella will assign a project manager, field superintendent, assistant project manager, field engineer and other staff as required to effectively manage the construction process. The project manager will be responsible for running the project and taking care of all the administration and documentation required of the process. The field superintendent will be in charge of coordinating all field activities, subcontractors and vendors. He/she is also responsible for implementing and enforcing the equality assurance program and safety program.

 Specific items we will implement are:

  • Weekly project meetings to review, minutes, schedule, changes, submittals, request for information, important issues and when applicable the Application for Payment
  • Weekly subcontractor meetings to discuss the schedule and issues pertaining to the trades
  • Weekly tool box safety meetings to discuss safety issues and topics

Coordination Process

During the construction of any project, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process, especially with respect to the mechanical and electrical trades. We at Acella will provide for the coordination of these trades by doing the due diligence to ascertain the dimensional information and to document this in a plan to allow the components of each of the trades to be installed. This can be achieved by several methods, such as having each trade respectively prepare the documents, having in house staff prepare this information or outsourcing the process. Whichever method is chosen, it requires good communication amongst the trades, designers and Acella’s personnel to coordinate and install the work in place.

Shop Drawings & Submittals

Our approach to shop drawings and submittals begins with preparing a preliminary submittal log consisting of all the required shop drawings, submittals and mockups with an anticipated submission date and anticipated review period. It is our procedure to review all submissions prior to submitting to the design professionals for their approval. We track the dates received, submitted, approved and returned in a log that is maintained and distributed to the team member at the weekly meeting for review.

Reporting and Cost Control

At the agreed upon intervals, our cost accounting system will allow us to submit reports on the status of the costs for the project, including changes, projected costs and proposed changes to determine the anticipated total project costs. This information is extremely helpful in affording the team the ability to make the appropriate business decisions with regards to the project.

Applications for Payment

Initially, we will prepare a detailed schedule of values on the AIA G702 and G703 or required form for the team review and approval. From this approved format we will requisition at the intervals agreed upon. We will prepare what we refer to as a pencil requisition for review by the team. Once the pencil requisition has been reviewed and the amount agreed upon we will issue the requested number of Application for Payments for certification and payment. We expect that payment will be made within the agreed upon time frames. Upon receipt of payment we will secure all required lien waiver documents and forward to the owner for record.

Final Inspections & Occupancy Permit

It is our responsibility to coordinate all the final inspections, secure all test reports or certifications, final affidavits, and field inspection reports for submission to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.

Commissioning & Project Closeout

One of the most critical stages of the construction process is the commissioning and closeout of the project. During this phase of the construction we will coordinate the:


  • Start up, testing and balancing of all systems
  • Schedule all required training sessions to familiarize the owner’s staff with the new systems installed


  • Develop and complete all punchlist items
  • Prepare as-built documents
  • Prepare Owner’s Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Working with Acella was great. They were always available to answer my questions and they kept me in the loop every step of the way. They were very flexible and patient and worked around our working schedule – sometimes coming in very early in the morning. Their work turned out wonderfully and they even painted a large wall that was not part of the scope to get the whole space looking shiny and new. This was my first renovation project and they made me look good! I would highly recommend Acella.

Suzanna Bray