Pre-Construction Services

Acella Construction prides itself in their pre-construction services and their ability to provide conceptual budgets based on “napkin sketches.” We bring a vast amount of experience to the earliest phase of construction. This early involvement of Acella allows input as to the construction cost estimates, schedule, value engineering and management and other pre-construction aspects of the project. Briefly the services we offer as a part of our pre-construction program are:

Budget Preparation and Estimating

The process of providing accurate cost information at all stages of document design is continuous. Many times estimates are required at certain intervals such as conceptual, schematic, design development and construction documents. The timely and valuable input pre-construction involvement offers to the design professionals and project team will eliminate the costly redesign of the project. Acella’s approach is to work closely with the project team as the design develops and to provide cost information as required. We draw on our extensive historical cost background in conjunction with receiving market place pricing from a quality subcontractor and vendor base to provide cost estimates that can be relied on. Accurate cost estimates and budgets are the most important part of the development of a project.

Value Engineering and Value Management

Though many times “Value Engineering” can be viewed as a somewhat negative process, in that often certain design elements or systems modifications are made to allow for cost reduction, we like to view it as a positive approach to weigh all possible alternatives. Acella will provide cost savings information as suggestions to the team to evaluate and implement as so desired. We strive to produce information that takes into consideration the sensitivity to the design and the systems or equipment specified. During this process we will provide cost benefit analysis and life cycle cost information. The value management process will enhance the overall concept, budget and project schedule.

Construction Feasibility, Constructability and Design Input

As a pre-construction service provider, we will review the overall project concept and provide the necessary feedback as to the availability of materials and labor force and determine the information required from the consultants to adequately cost and construct the project. We will review the design documents and comment to the project team on the efficiency of the construction details.

Preparation of Preliminary Schedule

During the pre-construction phase, a comprehensive schedule is prepared outlining all key durations and milestones with regards to design, permitting, interim costing information, finalizing project cost, procurement of vendors and subcontractors (with emphasis placed on long lead items), submittal process, approval process, material deliveries, construction activity durations, owner separate vendor activities, inspections, commissioning of systems, occupancy and move in.

Document Review

We will review the design documents at the various stages and comment on code compliance, sequencing and information required for filing for permits, sequencing and information required for bidding vendor and subcontractor packages, and just prior to construction documents, we will comment on the completeness of the design documents.

Prepare and Distribute Meeting Minutes

We will attend all required meetings during the pre-construction phase, record meetings and distribute minutes to the project team members.

Bidding Process

Acella, with input from the project team, will prepare an approach to bid out the project. Certain aspects that will be addressed are:

  • Pre qualifying subcontractors and vendors
  • Defining the review of bids process
  • Defining the approval of award process

Reporting Information

During the pre-construction phase, Acella will develop with the team the appropriate reports and required timing for the submission of reports during the process. Reports that may be required are:

  • Monthly cost reports
  • Monthly project status reports
  • Project photographs
  • Cash flow projections
  • Weekly meeting minutes, change logs, submittal logs, drawing logs
  • Revision logs
  • Weekly updated schedules


The permitting process can be an arduous task within certain communities. It can be an entangled web of numerous government authorities having jurisdictional review and approval of a construction project. Acella, with the assistance of the project team, will develop a comprehensive list of agencies that will be required to review and approve the documents and the project. This list will be distributed to the team members, and a responsibility for action will be assigned to the appropriate member. This action list will be reviewed frequently to assure that all issues are addressed in a timely manner. This will ensure the project is delivered within the projected schedule. Acella, if requested, will lead the efforts and be responsible for the permitting process.

Quality Assurance

It is during the pre-construction phase where quality assurance begins. At this time we will develop a program to effectively communicate the quality assurance requirements necessary during the construction phase.

Coordination of Owner’s Separate Vendors

Acella will work with the owner’s separate vendors, such as telecommunications and data vendors, security vendors, furniture vendors and movers, to include their input during pre-construction and provide scheduling information to them. We will assist the team in coordinating the efforts of these vendors as required.

          Working with Acella was great. They were always available to answer my questions and they kept me in the loop every step of the way. They were very flexible and patient and worked around our working schedule – sometimes coming in very early in the morning. Their work turned out wonderfully and they even painted a large wall that was not part of the scope to get the whole space looking shiny and new. This was my first renovation project and they made me look good! I would highly recommend Acella.

Suzanna Bray